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We help musicians and comedians livestream a performance. Find a show you like, and support an out-of-work performer by buying a ticket.

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Gigs aren't just about the gig, they are also about the people you meet when you go to a gig. simulates this: audience members can video chat one-to-one with randomly assigned guests during the show.

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We can't just sit around and watch culture die!

Dan Norman is an opera singer who performs in opera houses and concert halls around the world. Once COVID-19 struck, all his work evaporated, and he was left looking at supporting his family with no income for the foreseeable future. He shared this personal tragedy with a WhatsApp group of friendly innovators. Alicia responded. 

Alicia is a serial tech entrepreneur. She was the founder of successful commerce platform Skimlinks, and most recently has been advising and coaching startups achieve success. The onset of COVID-19 saw many of her friends and clients’ companies horrifically impacted, and she vowed to find some way to be able to contribute to humanity’s response. 

When she saw Dan’s message, she knew this was what she wanted to do. As a lover of music and comedy, she wanted to help keep those artists buoyant and active. But as a single woman living alone, she was also impacted by the loneliness of isolation, and devised as a means of solving all these problems. 

Together, Dan and Alicia hope to add a bit of colour and warmth to people’s lives as they quarantine and wait as patiently as possible for the work to return to some semblance of normality. 

Dan Norman
Alicia Navarro