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Meet and mingle (virtually) with other people like you

With, you can watch talented performers do a live show (from the “comfort” of your isolation), and recreate some of the other aspects of going to a gig…

Firstly, you can text chat to other guests during the show, a fun way to engage with fellow guests without disturbing the performance.

Secondly, whenever you like, you click “Network” and be randomly assigned another guest to video chat with, for up to 5 min (you can drop out and back to the show at any time).

If you guys want to maintain a friendship, the click of a button lets you swap details so you can follow up directly later if you wish. We all can do with more friends at this time, right?!

Finally, the performers will be able to interact with you directly too. They need that interaction for their own creative spark too, so don’t forget to show them love!

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