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Why not just use Facebook or Instagram Live?

Cost, Effort and Know-how

You could very easily do it all. But for many of you, its a hassle, its complicated, and for some livestreaming/conference software, you need to outlay the costs up-front. We started to help you out. We're taking the risk on the software costs, we'll do the work to get it all set-up and running. You just focus on performing.

Give your audience a chance to meet

The platform we are using - - not only supports live-streaming but also allows your audience to meet and mingle, as if they were at a real-life event. They are randomly assigned to another audience member and put into a one-to-one video chat for a few minutes. If they like each other, they can mutually choose to swap details. So your performance gives your fans a chance to be properly social, not just watching a one-way performance.

Here is an example of how this feature works on the platform (jump to 6:01min in, or watch the whole thing for the full attendee experience)

Put on a multi-artist performance

Give your fans a real show... get a few of your fellow performer friends together, and we can put on a concert for your fans. No matter where they are in the world, we can livestream them, put on a schedule, and make the whole experience feel seamless for your fans. They'll get the joy of seeing multiple live performances for one ticket price (and of course, a chance to meet and mingle with other audience members between sets).

Let us help you perform!

If you are interested in live-streaming your gig, we’re here to help you!

If you have already sold tickets to a show you’ve had to cancel, we can honour those existing ticket holders. 

If you want to generate an income while coronavirus makes real-world gigs impossible, we can sell tickets for you and livestream your show. We’ll take 10% of ticket sales to cover our platform costs, but the rest is yours. is here to help you stay active with your craft, honour your commitments to your existing fans, and hopefully make new fans. is also here to help audience members enjoy great shows (albeit virtually) and to meet new people brought together by an attraction to your show. Who knows, your show could inspire new relationships and friendships! 

Just add your details here, and we’ll be in touch to arrange inclusion in our platform. 

Good luck, and fear not, we’ll get through this shit together.


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